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'Technophilia' is Part of the AirAsia Free In-flight Wi-Fi Service This November 2016

Posted 8/31/2016

Still rockin after 7 years... If ever you're flying AirAsia by this November 2016, you may want to check out my film "Technophilia" at the Viddsee Channel of the AirAsia free in-flight wi-fi service. Viddsee selected it for premiere for the program this November (which is my birthday month too).

Thanks, Viddsee!!!

"Technophilia" has been the last independent film i shot to date (i know, it's been way too long), and i so miss shooting indie films really. Shooting commercial/corporate works for years now to pay the bills. But hopefully i can finally find time to shoot another indie film soon. It's been so long overdue. Sigh...

And i so miss my production team too. From my staff to my cast, everything was so fun and memorable. It's not only my shortest short to date, it's also the shortest i shot -- about 6 hours from grind to wrap. And i guess it would be the last i would ever shoot in celluloid (and most likely the last i would shoot without a video assist), unless budget and prod requirements lead me back to film in the future... But i sure do hope i can manage to shoot another international production like this again (my team here was composed of: iraqi, korean, american, japanese, indonesian, taiwanese and filipino). Indeed, filmmaking can end up communicating beyond the confines of language and even cultural differences -- where storytelling becomes a universal language to touch people's lives.

Emailed letter from Viddsee:

Hi Rianne,

Great news! We're partnering with AirAsia for the first time to market Viddsee short films to a wider audience across SE Asia. AirAsia has a free inflight wifi service roKKi and we will be having a Viddsee channel under the entertainment section for audience to watch Viddsee short films!

We programme 10 new shorts every month in the channel, and we're excited to select your film "Technophilia" for the month of November!

Nikki, Viddsee


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