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Pera-perahang Lata (Penny from the Tin Can)


About the Film

HD, melodrama, 30 mins., 2009


This film presents the plight of a young man who tries to make up for his inconsiderate moves towards a needy stranger, but he ends up seeing another tragedy from it.


This film explores the many facets of a struggling life in a world that is full of unpredictable moments  where some things are beyond one’s control.  







Set during the Christmas season when people from all social classes come together and find connections in various ways, the world of Nilo, a young, struggling factory worker and family breadwinner, examines the diverse culture of Filipinos around Metro Manila. Like his work at the quality control room, this underprivileged man who is determined to support his family in the province sees through the vicious cycle of poverty, while being a stone's throw away from the two sides of the economic spectrum in a third-world country. His character exposes a critical look at the depressing social issues happening in his generation.

As the observant Nilo travels to work and back home everyday, he rides the jeepney, and he gets to see the two sides of the metro: the rich and finely-lit buildings, the Christmas music enlightening people's moods, the beautifully crafted Christmas lanterns and trees adorning highways, the colorful billboards promoting the exciting Filipino traditions of gift-giving and "Simbang Gabi" (nine days of devotional Christmas masses), and the able ones' Yuletide shopping sprees vs. the beggars knocking doors of cars for some alms, the street kids' Christmas carols, and the dirty alleys of depressed areas. The Christmas season makes his eyes ponder more every time — on how to make life much better for him, for his family, and hopefully for others as well.

Traveling often allows people to contemplate on life's many facets. It may bring some realizations coming from one's subconscious, whether receiving some physical stimuli from the outside world or not. It may also raise some questions such as, “With delivering the best you can be and the best you can do, how fair or unfair can the world ever be?” Indeed, a life's journey is a struggle all along.


Production Team

Nilo      Von Arroyo
Gary   Arnold Reyes
Juda   Paul Sy
Adult beggar   Gio Respall
Carinderia owner   Via Antonio
Gary's mother   Judith Soriao
Factory boss   Dido dela Paz
Boss' wife    Marnie Lapus
Snatcher   Rey Solo
Office girl in jeep   Ellen Estrada
Director/Writer/Producer    Rianne Hill Soriano
Director of Photography   Wowie Hao
Production Designer    Joy Puntawe
Assistant Director   Karla Pambid
Production Manager    Gavin Herrera
Art Directors   Armi Rae Cacanindin
    Kiko Ortega
Associate Producer    Ayeen Pineda
Editor   Rianne Hill Soriano
Musical Scorer/Sound Engineer   Philip Arvin Jarilla
Casting Coordinator   Gigi Pirote
Field Sound Recordists   Mark Locsin
    Joseph Santos


Production Notes

“Pera-perahang Lata” (Penny from the Tin Can), a film grant from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), is Rianne's third film. It is her first film to be shot in HD format using a Panasonic Varicam courtesy of Unitel Pictures. The project's lighting and grip equipment were borrowed from the production house Filmex. This short film and her other short film “TechNOphilia” are the first Filipino independent films successfully projected in HD format in the Philippines in June 2009 at the Gateway Cineplex in Quezon City.

The film’s look is a combination of the dark and gritty; and the light and Yuletide. The realistic treatment mainly shows the dark alleys, well-lit buildings, and different kinds of people around the metro's many public places.

Amidst the fact that the tin cans cost Nilo his living and another one’s death, the sound of tin cans heard over the streets as beggars ask for alms inspires the story. Along with the “tansans” made into tambourines, they are also utilized as accompaniment for the kids' Christmas carols.


Production Stills



Behind-the-scene Photos



Behind-the-scene Videos

"Pera-perahang Lata" BTS #1 - Film Concept and Vision


"Pera-perahang Lata" BTS #2 - Production Experience


"Pera-perahang Lata" BTS #3 - Behind-the-scene Work


 "Pera-perahang Lata" BTS #4 - On-cam Work


Official Soundtrack Music Videos

"Kaibigan" by Paul Arroyo Music Video


"Sa Pagdating" by the St. Francis Xavier Parish Grand Choir Music Video


Film Premiere Videos

"Indie HD" (Film Premiere) MTV Plug


"Indie HD" (Film Premiere) Event Coverage

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