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Bernardo Carpio (currently in production)


About the Film

HD, animated adaptation, 7 mins. 2022

Bernardo struggles to free himself from his chains, while he also duels with the mysterious and powerful shape-shifting sorceress who led him to his entrapment under the mountains of Montalban, Rizal.


Behind-the-scene Video




Production Team


Bernardo Carpio      Arnold Reyes
Salamangkera   Angeli Bayani
Narrators   Daryl Reyes
    Ennairllih Isidro
 Crowd   Philip Arvin Jarilla
    Phoenix Rana Jarilla
    Eero Francisco
Director/Writer/Producer   Rianne Hill Soriano
2D Animator   Dudz Clotario
Head Illustrator   Judd Bradley Avelino
Backgrounds Illustrator   Mary Franz Salazar
Layout Artist for Comics   Randy Valiente
 Musical Scorer/Sound Engineer   Philip Arvin Jarilla
3D Animator for Comics Augmented Reality (AR)   Obren Paragas
Mobile App Developer for Comics AR   Marvin Fernandez
Videographers for Live-action Guide   Dustin Uy
    Rianne Hill Soriano
Assistant Director for Live-action Guide   Joy Puntawe
Guitarist   Eman Jamisolamin
Studio Sound Recordists (Hit Productions)   Dennis Cham
    Mikko Quizon
BTS Videographer   Ramon del Prado



 A battle of strength, power, emotions, and intellect, this character-driven adaptation depicts two beings clashing with each other, just like the way Bernardo continues to fight the two clashing boulders until today, as per the epic.

Their rivalry unveils an account of Bernardo's life and the story behind “The Legend of Bernardo Carpio.”

This action-drama epic exudes an old, heroic, and mythical feel. It is an intimate account of Bernardo's struggle underground and his interaction with the sorceress, a hired gun who apparently is also a victim of the Spaniards' abusive rule. After an introductory sequence featuring Wawa River and The 2 Clashing Boulders, the motion comics treatment continues with the actual layout of the comics as seen from the opening sequence animated accordingly.

The duel between Bernardo and the sorceress works like a clash between two opposing elements. The production shot and recorded professional actors with the edited live-action footage serving as guide and inspiration for the animators.


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