Our ‘Bernardo Carpio’ Short Film Project Takes a Step Forward

This project is a jumpstart to that same endeavor that began almost a decade ago, which had to be shelved due to documentary issues in processing and releasing the second tranche of the budget from the funding agency. We knew that there will always be

Animated Classics With Charming Dinosaur Characters for Kids

Children are often fascinated by dinosaurs in movies. A number of animated offerings feature charming renditions of these creatures to entertain kids. Classic movies that showcase these prehistoric beasts can be ideal choices for a family movie marathon. There are also those that serve as historical

Filmmakers and Film Criticism Video Essay Transcript

‘The Red Balloon’ Short Film Critique: Relationship and Poetry Through a Child’s Gaze

‘Hedgehog in the Fog’ Short Film Critique: The Phantasm of Venturing Into the Unknown

‘Tango’ Short Film Critique: Overlapping Routines as a Collective Ritual

FILMARTworks Blog Videos Released!

Film Theorists: Hugo Munsterberg

Film Theorists: Sergei Eisenstein

Bernardo Carpio Short Animated Film Call for Character Design

Our Rom-com Short Film ‘Pag-ibig sa Panahon ng Coronavirus’ (Love in the Time of the Coronavirus)

Jumpstarting my Trilogy of Technology Shorts: TechNOphilia and Malikmata (Phantasma)

(Response Paper) David Bordwell: The Blurred Line Separating Art Cinema with Classical Hollywood Cinema

(Response Paper) Laura Mulvey: The Women as Element of Spectacle in the Patriarchal Order

(Response Paper) Elizabeth Spelman: Centuries of a Woman’s Body as a Gift and as a Curse

(Response Paper) Ideology, Reality, and the Apparatus Film Theory with Jean-Louis Baudry

(Response Paper) Cinema and Ideology with Jean-Luc Comolli and Jean Narboni

(Response Paper) The Mythology of Roland Barthes: Studying the Semiological Nature of Myth

(Response Paper) Film Semiotics in the Earlier Lens of Christian Metz

(Response Paper) The Thrill of the Senses: Pauline Kael’s Wedge Against Andrew Sarris’ Auteur Circles

(Response Paper) Francois Truffaut’s Impassioned Take on the Auteur


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COVID-19 Quarantine Diary: A Repository of Impactful Images

Some of the worthwhile/impactful images I found while on lockdown/COVID-19 quarantine.

COVID-19 Quarantine Diary: 1st Week of Lockdown

Finding Social Responsibility and Public Good in Political Economy: A Reflection Paper on the Definition of Political Economy

When scientists discover what is ultimately wrong with society

A Post-May 2019 Philippine Elections musing

A Mother’s Day 2019 musing

The Case of Computer Scientist Katie Bouman: The social media that glorifies and bullies

Dealing with the Momo Challenge viral hoax

An Epiphany: The issue on the Netflix film ‘Roma’ getting nominations at the Oscars

Elon Musk-funded OpenAI threatens spread of convincing fake news at an alarming rate

Philippines’ 2019 Measles Outbreak: An objective look at what DOH and WHO facts say and what media reports

Career and Parenting: Finding focus, love, and fulfillment

A young filmmaker’s tale about National Artist for Cinema Kidlat Tahimik

FILMARTworks Blog is finally back on track!

Parenting Lessons: Finding time for children

Born Out of Love: Career and motherhood

Film Workshop: DepEd’s (SPA) Special Program in the Arts 2017


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How to Shop in South Korea: Shopping information for foreigners

Travel Guide: Ideal movies to bring during a family road trip

Korean Food Guide: Information about Korean cuisine for world travelers

Charging and gadget essentials for international travel

Rianne and Philip Wedding: Shot with GoPro bridal bouquet

What a chance (non-revenue) passenger should know before flying in an international flight

Best extreme heights adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada

The D Las Vegas: A bride-to-be’s destination

Las Vegas hotels near McCarran International Airport

Popular Las Vegas hotels off the Strip

Underrated Las Vegas destinations

Best microbreweries in Las Vegas

Pasalubong: Popular gift ideas for Filipinos

Vacation ideas for singles traveling to the Philippines

2010 list of best hotel pools in Las Vegas

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