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Rianne's venture as a professional writer started in 2005 when she was invited to work as the resident arts and film writer and official film reviewer of the online platform Yehey!, which was then the local counterpart of Yahoo! in the Philippines. For five years, she reviewed films on a weekly basis, while also writing a variety of arts and culture features and news reports for the site.

In the next five years that followed, she worked as the film reviewer for the Philippines’ leading business newspaper BusinessWorld and the women’s online magazine, while also writing film reviews, news, and features at the U.S.-based Yahoo! Movies and other Yahoo! platforms.

In the United States, she was privileged to be selected as a finalist for the Yahoo! Movies Featured Critic Awards. She provided hundreds of published works in various Yahoo! sites, alongside content for The Los Angeles Times, The Allstate Blog, Brighthub, eBay, U.S. Auto Parts,, Livestrong, among many others.

She was able to publish hundreds of film, Blu-ray, and DVD reviews, alongside news and feature articles focusing on art, culture, innovation, lifestyle, and travel both online and on print from 2005 to 2015. Many of her works are now archived in her blog FILMARTworks. She also currently publishes her random musings, analyses, and ravings about anything under the sun in this blog.



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