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About the Film

HD, techno-romance, 6 mins., 2019


Inside, a hangout place, the boyfriend who is addicted to games tries to win back his fed-up girlfriend, but he fails. Things become more and more robotic as he tries harder.


A couple in the middle of a relationship crisis shows how technology starts shaping people to become too dependent on it that relationships and lifestyles are altered, and possibly destroyed. As they get into a heated argument, the other folks around the coffee shop gets boxed up by the gadgets covering their deeper emotions. People's interactions are becoming as machinated as the tools they use.







This film is about a young couple in the middle of a relationship crisis. The weary girlfriend seeks some attention from her beau during a supposed date. The game addict boyfriend is too preoccupied by his game. The rest of the people around the seemingly sterile coffee shop are engrossed with their own gadgets in a strange, and at some point, subtly creepy way. People of this generation are already being enslaved by technology that interactions are clearly getting altered towards coldness and superficiality. Relationships are becoming more and more mechanical.  People are starting to look like robots. 

In this fast-paced era filled with much technological innovation, there are so many things to do, there is too much work to finish, and there is so little time. When could be the last moment a person yielded to the cliché of stopping for a bit and smelling the flowers? Technology should be in harmony with the way people live their lives. Relationships are vital to humans as social beings. Computers and gadgets should not rule the person. Rather, they should be utilized to make lives better and more meaningful.




Production Team

Boyfriend      Jong-jin Lee
Girlfriend   Saekyung Lee
iPod girls   Kiley Kyung-min Moon
    Yumi Maenaka
    Katie Shasteen
Mobile phone guy   Stephen Kochenash
Battery empty guy   Tim Lee
Low-battery girl   Amy Bopp
Battery empty girl   Kiyono Kakinuma
PSP guy   Gino de Guia
Laptop guy   Edvan Muslimy
Camera guy   Choi Junghan
Keyboard guy   Katsudo Minei
Director/Writer/Producer   Rianne Hill Soriano
Director of Photography   Mohammed Jano
Production Designer   Rianne Hill Soriano
Assistant Director   Miya Seo
Art Director   Stephen Kochenash
Editors   Rianne Hill Soriano
    Mohammed Jano
Field Sound Recordists   Choi Junghan
    Katsudo Minei
Sound Engineer/Musical Scorer   Philip Arvin Jarilla
Story by   Rianne Hill Soriano
    Mohammed Jano


Production Notes

"Technophilia" is Rianne's fourth film. It is her first film to be shot outside the Philippines. She shot this award-winning short as a personal project during her film training program at the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) in Seoul, South Korea. Through KOFIC’s help, alongside the support of the Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) and Korea University, she was able to get enough resources to produce the film.

This project is her first 16mm film outside film school. It was shot with an Arri SR2, which means the production had to shoot without any video assist. However, they tried to be resourceful enough by using a MiniDV camera carefully placed near the SR2 to provide a means to review the acting performances.

The concept for this film started after her first three months in Seoul in 2008. She noticed that most people in public usually listened to music, watched TV, or played games using their mobile phones while in transit. Whether in the subway or bus, people walked with earphones in their ears without much caution on what's happening around them. She saw how people in public always preferred to be "plugged in" instead of conversing with their companions. As an excited foreigner artist from a third-world country, she realized how much she lost after focusing too much on shooting with her camera than enjoying the very experience of her globetrotting endeavors through her very own eyes. One night while inside the subway, she looked to the right and suddenly had an epiphany when she saw "robots" using cellphones and iPods. This readily prompted her to write the script, which eventually got KOFIC's support.

Shooting this project allowed her to go way beyond her comfort zone, as she had to find all production requirements in a foreign land without her trusted colleagues, friends, and family. She knew that she should shoot the film within her means and resources — from coming up with a feasible budget to forming a solid production team to getting access to the best location. She was able to gain the trust of some young, promising filmmakers in Seoul, which made it possible to mount this film as planned. She was able to cast newfound friends, classmates, and friends and friends despite her relatively small network, as her concept allowed her to utilize mostly non-professional acting requirements from people who should simply be operating their gadgets inside a coffee shop. Interestingly, after more than a month of looking for the right location throughout Seoul, she saw the perfect fit at the upper floor of the building where she usually spends her class breaks in Korea University  a students' lounge area that can pass as a neat and sterile coffee shop location.

Knowing that the film requires a very techie physicality, the filmmaker describes her stylized treatment as "human factory" where the mise-en-scené is dominated by straight lines instead of curves or waves. The colors are in the neutrals — mostly whites, silvers, blacks, and grays. All shots feel mechanical by exuding strictly linear and snappy motions. The characters' movements progress like a factory moving as a part of the larger whole. Sound effects of gadgets are arranged into its own digitally inspired "human factory" sound design and musical score.

This picture exudes a tinge of quirkiness reflecting the techno, geeky, droll, and zany aspects that technology brings. The robotic treatment renders a gadget factory feel through character movements working like exaggerated and uniquely outlandish machines in action.


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