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Rianne's industry experiences grow side by side her work in the academe as she keeps up with her vow to help hone the future movers and shakers in the world of film.

As an educator since 2005, she has taught in schools including De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Colegio de San Lorenzo, First Academy of Computer Arts, and Top Peg Animation Studios, as well as conducted film/art/media speakerships in different schools, companies, and government agencies. She is currently a senior faculty member and administrator at the Digital Filmmaking Department of the School of Design and Arts of De La-Salle College of Saint Benilde.

For her, teaching filmmaking should have storytelling at its core. There should be creative and technical synergy utilized for careful execution. The spark for expanding ideas and the use of the language of cinema to tell a story become the class' playground for creativity. She firmly believes that teaching is a dynamic endeavor that involves bridging her understanding of each lesson to every student's own learning and realization. This doesn't simply require transmitting knowledge by the book, but transforming and extending knowledge for practical, artistic, and social applications as well. She always tries to make it a point that ideas are presented in manageable and digestible forms without biasing or distorting facts, while being versatile in using them in the context of her lessons.

For her, teaching is like production work. In a classroom setting, the teacher is like the director and producer. Instead of relaying one's vision, plan, and strategies for the project, she treats each class meeting as a productive time to present specific ideas relevant to the lesson plan  in order to achieve the goals for the day. She treats her students as collaborators. Learning is always a two-way thing  everyone learns from the creative process in various ways, in different levels.


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