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‘Wedding Crashers’ Film Review: Wedding galore

The Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn tandem in “The Wedding Crashers” is pretty much your average, formulaic, and escapist comedy — keeping the humor and the light story rolling like crazy as the various characters’ quirkiness get explored along the way.

It may have some flaws in story and characterization, but it gives a working cheesy definition of love for the record: “Love is the soul’s recognition of its counterpart on another.”

This flick features John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Klein (Vince Vaughn), a pair of divorce mediators and part-time wedding crashers for the kicks — for the food and for the girls. They show up as uninvited guests to weddings of all kind, whatever religion each wedding may be, and assume false identities to take advantage of vulnerable and inspired single women. They are equipped with their lies and deception to promote the ideal prince charming character and hook up with the pretty girls on the loose, for one night stands.

The two womanizers John and Jeremy eventually find themselves crashing the wedding of the daughter of an influential politician named Sec. William Cleary (Christopher Walken). John falls for the maid of honor Claire Cleary (Rachel McAdams), the daughter of Secretary Cleary; while Jeremy gets the nightmare of his life as he becomes trapped in the arms of another Cleary, the psychotic girl with a cute laugh Gloria (Isla Fisher).

Unlike their usual gate-crashing getaways, they become a bit more hooked up with the high-ranking family as they get invited to a great weekend at the Cleary lakeside mansion — a place that contributes much to the movie’s escapist vibe. This time, it is not an easy way out for them as they get more and more involved and in love.

The presentation of a family full of quirkiness turns out quite effective for this mainstream fare. Kathleen Cleary (Jane Seymour), William’s husband, has the hots for John. Claire’s brother, Todd Cleary (Keir O’Donnell), has that weirdo look as he hides within the cringes of an artist/painter. It turns out, he is gay and he also likes Jeremy. Moreover, just like Gloria, he seems like a psycho too. Sack Lodge (Bradley Cooper), Claire’s egotistic boyfriend, is the stereotypical college frat boy who loves to dominate every moment in every occasion.

Christina Cleary (Jennifer Alden) reacts in such funny manners during her wedding, including the exchanging of marriage vows. Even the characters of the grannies inside the Cleary mansion take funny accounts here and there. William plays the role of a typical powerful and intimidating father and public figure. It turns out he is a compassionate and sensitive family man.

Most characters render fine comedic timing. Vince Vaughn rants, raves, and succeeds in his monologues’ punchlines. A blabber-mouth with sense, he is quite reminiscent of fast talkers like Chris Rock in his own right. His height, his looks, and his mouth hit the comedic notes accordingly. Owen Wilson complements his tandem with Vaughn. His strength in the narrative features fun wedding pick-up lines and pick-up moves. The “crashers’ rules” and “rule numbers” tend to establish the know-hows on their crashers’ escapades hand-in-hand.

The chemistry between the two big guys is there. Overall, the comic moments are not tiring to watch.

The opening scene of the divorce meeting is as verbose as the rest of the picture. Yet, Vaughn and Wilson as the divorce mediators cover up the length with comedy.

The weddings montage is a simple but tight way of presenting the comic story. From the football game to the hunting trip, from the sex scenes to the family talks, the Cleary mansion gets properly established as a comic summer home for the narrative.

“Wedding Crashers” is predictable at times, but it is often entertaining. This makes this mainstream product such a light movie to watch after a long, tiring week.

For those who want a big dose of comic fun, expect tons of laughs from this Hollywood flick.

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Rianne Hill I. Soriano
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