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Underrated Las Vegas destinations

Las Vegas may be best known for the Las Vegas Strip, but there’s more to the city than just the dazzling hotels, casinos, and shops.

Just a few miles away from this area often simply called the Strip, there are a number of underrated Las Vegas attractions that both locals and tourists can enjoy. These spots feature what Vegas can offer beyond the festive lights and exuberant sounds coming from the bustling Strip. These include art-house venues and man-made and natural attractions that actually deviate from the expected fancy and tourist-driven whereabouts of the so-called “Sin City.”

The Arts District

Driving through the area between the northern part of the Las Vegas Strip and the Las Vegas Downtown area where the city hall and other state offices are located, travelers can open up themselves to a brand new side of the city: The Arts District. This is also technically referred to as “18b” because of the 18 blocks that comprise the area.

The Arts District allows people to look into the inner core of the Las Vegas art scene. This area doesn’t feed on glamor. It doesn’t have the lavish look of The Strip. It feeds on the underground community where local artists often dwell and showcase their works. It is a district where one can typically bump into an art gallery, indie cinema, taco stand, custard shop, exotic bar, or eclectic vendor. It is also home to the long-running event known as First Friday Las Vegas, a monthly celebration of the local arts scene where artists feature and sell their works.

Blue Diamond

Just 20 miles away from the Las Vegas most tourists know, there is a completely different world upon reaching Blue Diamond. Going to this southern end of the Red Rock Canyon allows travelers to enjoy an interesting sight of Nevada’s desert backdrop. The 30-minute drive offers a look at the gradually changing Vegas landscape from the glitzy hotel and casino structures to the quiet mining and desert areas that are filled with sand and cacti. Blue Diamond also hosts a variety of areas to see splendid mountain ranges, check out mountain bike trails and jeep roads, and enjoy overlooking spots on ridges, which provide splendid views of the entire Las Vegas Valley.

Lake Las Vegas

Away from the busy streets and highways, Lake Las Vegas is an elegant resort destination that exudes a quaint European appeal. Consisting of hundreds of acres of a man-made lake and thousands of acres of posh and classy land areas, this small island vacation spot is ideal for those seeking solitude. Its private setting is a favored place by the rich and famous. It houses several hotels and casinos and it is near the famous Nevada tourist attraction Hoover Dam. Also a popular location for movies, it was showcased in the Hollywood blockbusters “Ocean’s Thirteen” and “America’s Sweethearts.”

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