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An Epiphany: The issue on the Netflix film ‘Roma’ getting nominations at the Oscars

This decade is the Second Wave of the Digital Revolution in film and TV — It’s time to evolve.

I read this post, alongside the many news reports about the 2019 Academy Awards lobbying for the qualification of the Alfonso Cuaron film “Roma,” being a Netflix film with minimal theatrical release:

Theory of evolution; survival of the fittest. My take, if you don’t evolve, you risk yourself of dying a natural death that may be way sooner than you expect.

The issue on “Roma” being a Netflix film with minimal theatrical release marks another turning point not just at the Oscars, but in the world cinema stage.

Yes, I can defend my love for theatrical screening. The magic of the experience, the beauty of communal viewing — it will always be there the way I still love celluloid despite already shooting all my new works digitally now.

Reality bites.

I do hope it still remains as an option, perhaps becoming more sustainable through visually and aurally powerful microcinemas and the comeback of art-savvy independent theaters, just like during their heyday, and just enough theater options in malls, beautiful and creative in presentation, instead of the sterile/generic/not well-maintained cineplexes of today.

Filmmaking for me is storytelling, a means to communicate to the audience. Making it accessible is the way to go. Inclusion is the way to go. This is the second wave of the digital revolution in film. It is time to evolve even further.

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Rianne Hill Soriano
Rianne is a director, writer, educator, and consultant in film and commercial productions. From mainstream essentials to independent flair, she knows the drill in making entertaining and well-meaning productions. She can lead a pack passionate about extreme action and technological edge; she can breathe an endearing and sentimental style for a team with a sweet disposition.

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