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‘Into the Blue’ Film Review: Soaking deep into the blue

"Into the Blue" is sizzling hot with bikini bodies and uncompromising Caribbean sceneries -- but that's about it. "Into the Blue" runs out of air with its contrived plot and its mere interest on showcasing sexy bodies on screen. This Hollywood flick sinks aimlessly into the deep waters of the Bahamas. The treasure isn't priced well. It’s long soaked and buried deep into the blue. Director John Stockwell seems primarily concerned with the superficial side: showcasing the major characters in a bikini fashion

Learning the truth about drowning and saving lives

About 2 years ago, during an out-of-town shoot, one of our team members almost drowned a few feet away from our swimming colleagues — having fun and all. Her angel was one of our colleagues who just went out of his room to check on the pool — an act he felt doing when he didn’t really intend to swim in the pool then. No one else realized what was happening until she was rescued. It was almost a horror

Vacation ideas for singles traveling to the Philippines

Enjoy the beach and nightlife in Boracay, snorkel and dive in Anilao, or ride a Philippine cruise ship. Planning to enjoy the adventure of traveling alone for a single's vacation in the tropics? A good number of travel packages can suit the preferences of anyone seeking the excitement of meeting new people and escaping the world where a person should be responsible for oneself alone. Going the exotic route like having a vacation in the Philippines, an archipelago known for its world-class