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(Media Review) The Accidental Catalyst: Examining Pressreader-aggregated Articles on How Disney’s Mulan Sparked Media Campaigns Addressing the Plight of Uighur Muslims

A media review for my Media Theory class analyzing the increased Uighur Muslims coverage after the release of the Disney live-action film "Mulan" After the straight-to-streaming release of Disney’s Mulan in the Disney+ platform in the U.S. and other selected countries on Sept. 4, 2020 (‘Mulan (2020)’ [IMDb], n.d.), this live-action adaptation of the Chinese legend came under fire after viewers discovered the acknowledgment of the government security agency in the Chinese province of Xinjiang in the film’s closing credits. Xinjiang authorities are accused of the

Writing Guide: How to cite a movie as reference material using the MLA Style

Citing a film title on a paper follows specific formats, which depends on the preferred style imposed by the school or company requiring the writing composition. The MLA (Modern Language Association) Style is one of the popular options when citing reference materials for a research or writing work. Noticeably, it is often preferred in Humanities and Liberal Arts papers. While the MLA Style provides a clear format on how to cite a reference, the inclusion or non-inclusion of certain information in

Writing Guide: How to cite a movie as reference material using the APA style

You must always list down the sources of information you use for an essay, thesis, dissertation, or any other research paper or writing composition. When citing a movie as a reference material, one of the most popularly used citation style is called the APA (American Psychological Association) Style. Noticeably, it is often used in the fields of Social Sciences and other related professional and scholastic works. While there are no strict rules on which style to use, citation formats are based