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Korean Food Guide: Information about Korean cuisine for world travelers

When traveling to Korea, it is worthwhile to note the basics of Korean food to the uninitiated. Koreans use silver chopsticks which are considerably heavier than the wooden chopsticks that are more popular around the world. It is also typical to use silver spoons for soups and a white small bowl for rice and side dishes. The chopsticks of each diner are also used to get portions of side dishes available among those sharing food at the dinner table. While a

Learning from the Success of the Korean Film Industry

A Filipino Filmmaker's Insight of the Korean Film Industry Having been initially immersed in the Korean film industry for six months through a film training program in Seoul in 2008 (which was eventually extended through another film training program), I should say that the Koreans' love for cinema is quite inspiring. Having attended the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF), Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (PIFAN), and Jecheon International Music Film Festival (JIFF) during my stay in Korea, I was able to

Travel guide to Busan, South Korea for tourists

Busan, also formerly known as Pusan, is South Korea's second largest metropolis after the country's capital Seoul. To date, this top tourist destination is also the fifth largest port city in the world. It is famous for its beach attractions, temples, cultural and historical sites, restaurants, shopping districts, and nightlife spots. It is widely known for its thriving film community — the country’s film capital. It annually hosts the prestigious Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) and Busan Short Film Festival. Busan became the