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Shopping Guide: Best Carts for Our Home and Shopping Needs

I preferred using my own shopping cart pre-pandemic for the purpose of easier hauling around before going to the parking — but the COVID pandemic ushered in more benefits in my use of my own carts way beyond my expectations.

With the need for more protection and minimizing the possibilities of contracting the novel coronavirus as much as we can, one thing is for sure: living means having to still go out to get certain essentials every now and then. This includes buying groceries, medicines, toiletries, among many other items needed at home. Although online shopping and delivery services should be prioritized to minimize risks, there are instances when we really need to go out. Some work as planned errands. Others are clear emergencies.

Considering the additional cost of buying groceries online and the risk of being unable to choose quality products, especially produce, people need to do such tough balancing acts — going full online, going straight to the store, or a combination of them.

Aside from the crucial face mask and supplementary face shield, protecting ourselves with a bag cover (I use the water resistant one for camping), a cellphone cover (I use the one for protecting the phone while swimming so I can still text, search the web, and use my e-wallets), and a personal shopping cart provide enough convenience, and perhaps, lessen the risk of contracting COVID-19.

The green water-resistant bag cover (originally meant for camping backpacks) makes it easier to disinfect the bag with spray-type alcohol after a long day outside.
Finding the Best Carts for My Needs

A big shopping cart like the standard one in grocery stores are not easily found in retail stores. It is also not suitable for commuters. Even with a car, it would require a bit more space than usual. This led to the rise of a number of shopping cart designs for us to choose from. I did a lot of research before buying my first one (I bought it way before the pandemic — but I found it extremely useful in the “new normal.”) I also did a lot of research before buying my second one, a supplementary one to my first cart. Both of them are inside the car without demanding too much space. They are easily foldable and sturdy enough to face the bumps entailed by regular use and gung-ho errands typically requiring them to be transported around full and heavy.

My First Shopping Cart

This is the cart that I used for about two years as of the date of this writing, inclusive of the first five months of the pandemic. During the lockdown, I noticed how, whenever I do grocery shopping, a number of people would look at my cart, probably because they saw the value of it and using it became a sort of instant demo for them. I can easily carry a relatively heavy cart full of grocery items up and down the stairs — yes, it is flexible and durable for use on stairs.

It never failed me. It is sturdy enough for someone who did groceries every 7 to 14 days during the lockdown. The only con I have with it is that the amount of groceries good for two weeks would often demand for a bit more space than what I have. At times, I would settle for additional plastic bags which I would carry or put on the travel hook of the cart, but they would get a bit heavy for my frame. Nevertheless, considering I have mild scoliosis, I can still manage and this shopping cart still does the job well despite the minimal issues mentioned.

Another good thing about this cart is how its vertical bag is removable and I can just stack up carton boxes full of goods instead. I can even buy a sack of rice or a jug of water with it. For all these purposes, I just use enough bungee ropes to secure them.

Aside from grocery shopping, this cart has also been used a lot for other purposes including hauling stuff during various travels and out-of-home stays including those in hotels and hospitals. I get to use it for work and school (I’m a film student currently in graduate school) as well, since there are times I need to bring a lot of stuff from props and sets to filming equipment.

My Second Shopping Cart
This foldable shopping cart requires minimal storage space.

As initially mentioned, for my second cart, it is meant as a supplementary cart, especially if I have a companion while shopping. This allows us to buy more items without the worry of lacking space. It can also be the chosen cart if I’m shopping alone, especially if such errand would entail long lines, since this cart’s top also serves as my seat.

This cart’s cover doubles as a seat, which is very helpful when stuck in long lines. Using bungee ropes would also secure extra items on top.

With its design, this second cart works well when shopping fragile goods in glass containers, as well as delicate products, since my first cart, amidst its many benefits, offers a smaller space but better height — so I tend to pile up stuff with the heaviest and sturdiest at the bottom, and the fruits, vegetables, breads, eggs, and other items in delicate packaging on top. Overall, this second cart is shorter but provides larger space to put items in without the worry of the cart getting knocked off its feet. It is also ideal for transporting my equipment in DIY shoots, school shoots, and independent film shoots.

I hope these shared experiences can help you in deciding the type of shopping cart/s you should buy for your own personal needs and wants.

Rianne Hill Soriano
Rianne is a director, writer, educator, and consultant in film and commercial productions. From mainstream essentials to independent flair, she knows the drill in making entertaining and well-meaning productions. She can lead a pack passionate about extreme action and technological edge; she can breathe an endearing and sentimental style for a team with a sweet disposition.

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