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Movies for Mother’s Day: Musicals with memorable mom characters

While it is expected that movies for Mother’s Day should primarily feature likeable mom characters and stories about a mother’s love, going a little more festive and distinct can actually add a more special appeal to the celebration.

Choosing fun or heartwarming musicals for a Mother’s Day movie marathon or for a movie night to cap off a pleasing family day can make the occasion even more vibrant, touching, and memorable.

With the many ways to celebrate Mothers’ Day from fine dining to a trip out of town, how can the family continue that distinctive mood upon reaching the home? How about those who want to celebrate the entire day inside the house doing special activities for the mother of the household? There are a variety of things the husband and the children can do to make the celebration memorable. During a home celebration or even when on a road trip, they can choose fun and inspirational movies to watch together.

The Sound of Music”

“The Sound of Music” is a classic family musical that can fit both the sentimental and sprightly mood of a Mother’s Day celebration. This 1965 motion picture opus incorporates musical elements with a story that puts forward the genuine truth about becoming a mother. In the case of Maria, it shows how a mother’s love doesn’t always require a biological relation to her children. Aside from the film’s passionately remarkable musical scenes, the fine combination of drama and comedy in its manner of storytelling allows the viewers to further appreciate the genuine value of being in a loving and tightly-knit family.

“Mamma Mia!”

The 2008 movie “Mamma Mia!” infuses the vintage cinematic with the modernly festive. It features a single mother’s daughter who tries to find her real father before her wedding. As an escapist treat filled with 1970 hit songs from Abba, the movie sets a celebratory mood to a seriously themed movie by treating it in an escapist way. It showcases beautiful Greek landscapes that depict a classic ambience. At the same time, it explores the life of a single mother during her youthful days and how she has struggled for her daughter through the years.


While not a popular choice for a Mother’s Day movie, there is something about “Once” that makes it a good non-traditional option for the occasion. This modern-day musical showcases how broken families and losing loved ones or separating from them can become an emotional journey for two people who choose to love unconditionally for the sake of the realistic conditions in the family. The story explores the unlikely meeting and bonding of a broken-hearted man struggling as a musician and a single mother who is unable to play the piano because of her financial and familial responsibilities. Showcasing a heart-melting series of musical scenes in a contemporary setting, this 2007 masterpiece allows the characters to flourish and grow and accept certain sacrifices for a love that goes beyond the mere romantic.

Rianne Hill Soriano
Rianne is a director, writer, educator, and consultant in film and commercial productions. From mainstream essentials to independent flair, she knows the drill in making entertaining and well-meaning productions. She can lead a pack passionate about extreme action and technological edge; she can breathe an endearing and sentimental style for a team with a sweet disposition.

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