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FILMARTworks Blog is finally back on track!

Last March 2018, I finally got some time to fix my 12-year-old website and blog after enduring poor, uncaring web hosting services (I must admit, it’s true — you get what you pay for).

Clearly, it took me over a decade to convince myself to invest a little more of my annual budget to get a decent web hosting company that can support someone like me who is an artist and writer with minimal knowledge on web developing, design, and security stuff.

Security was ultimately the problem I had for all these years — dealing with spam comments, viruses, and every kind of attacks against websites and blogs with not so web-skilled owners. It was tiring, confusing, and annoying that maintaining my site and blog became a serious chore in every attempt. Of course, my works in the real world have always been my priority and I would then end up with a dormant site and blog for most months of the year — every year.

To start out with a clean slate — with no viruses and spams threatening my site and blog — I have decided to take my time to re-post every single film review, art, travel, and lifestyle features, and other related articles I did as a professional writer since two years after my college graduation.

My blog started as Film Works — a repository of my film reviews as the reviewer for from 2005 until they bid good-bye to their online platform in 2009. In between assigned film articles, I found myself writing about art, culture, travel, and music as well. These continued, alongside my film reviews and features, when a new door opened right after Yehey! in 2009 with, BusinessWorld’s e-magazine for women. Eventually, I also found myself writing film reviews for a broadsheet through BusinessWorld.

While doing my regular writing stints, shooting independent films and advertising projects, and teaching in Manila, I also started accepting freelance writing works from overseas, most of which are from the U.S. I had wonderful opportunities writing for The Los Angeles Times, eBay, and various Yahoo! sites, to name a few.

And so, what started as a blog for my film reviews evolved from Film Works to FiLmArTworks — a film, lifestyle, art, and travel blog. Now, it further evolved into FILMARTworks — a film/art, innovation/lifestyle, musing/raving, and travel blog. I have thousands of articles contributed in various sites for over a decade now (imagine a minimum of 1 film review per week + festival films and events every year + other art, innovation, lifestyle, and travel articles + my random musings and ravings every now and then). A good number of them are not online anymore, particularly those published in now-defunct sites. But hey, I made those articles with love and affection and they are worth putting back online!

It would probably take me many years to put everything back online here in my blog — slowly but surely.

In the mean time, I already have more than a dozen of my 2005 to 2006 film reviews up in my newly overhauled blog and all of them should maintain their original posting dates. I will start posting links of these oldies but goodies in my social networks soon.

I miss all those writing stints I did from years back and I plan to do film reviews and occasional writing stints again some years from now (I would probably do a few ones by next year once I start graduate school). I actually stopped since early 2016 when I had to prioritize my soon-to-come-out baby. By the time she’s out, my writing hiatus clearly continued as rearing an endearing child as a working mom means realigning priorities to give more time to the family and the top-income-generating type of works. Interestingly, this very long writing hiatus gives me enough time to slowly but surely get back all my now-offline writings online through my blog.

Check out my FILMARTworks blog every now and then whenever you have some free time.

Rianne Hill Soriano
Rianne is a director, writer, educator, and consultant in film and commercial productions. From mainstream essentials to independent flair, she knows the drill in making entertaining and well-meaning productions. She can lead a pack passionate about extreme action and technological edge; she can breathe an endearing and sentimental style for a team with a sweet disposition.

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