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Eddie Vedder Collaborates with NASA’s Artemis Moon Mission

I grew up listening to Pearl Jam songs. Over two decades have passed and I still have lyrics to the band’s songs memorized. Having to hear Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder singing this song that is clearly meant for a literally and figuratively out-of-this-world lunar mission adds much excitement to my fan heart as I now share my passion in astronomy with my little child whose name is Tala, the Filipino word for star.

This is the official music video to NASA’s Artemis I Moon mission entitled “Invincible.”

Explore the mission:

I remember a couple of weeks back, I submitted our names for boarding passes of myself and my family members for the mission — our names included in a flash drive loaded onto the spacecraft so that our names shall fly aboard Orion on Artemis I.

Rianne Hill Soriano
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