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Double Barrel Roadhouse offers the first authentic roadhouse experience at the Las Vegas Strip

At this highly technological age, the nostalgia in bringing back the Las Vegas of the past is quite a challenge, considering the modern flair of the city structures around. While there are clubs and restaurants around Sin City with tavern themes, the roadhouse experience never goes beyond the physical look of the establishment.

Starting March 2014, Las Vegas tourists and locals alike can finally experience an authentic roadhouse treat against the neon lights around Monte Carlo with the opening of the Double Barrel Roadhouse. This outlet marks the first authentic roadhouse experience on the Las Vegas Strip, specifically at the front of the Monte Carlo resort.

Focusing on the True Roadhouse Experience
Double Barrel Roadhouse is part of the re-imagining of the Monte Carlo facade in order to provide guests with a more dynamic social environment. Living up to the expectations of that quintessential fun Vegas mood, this 12,000-square-foot, indoor- outdoor space is designed to channel the attitude of a true roadhouse experience.

Menu Offerings
Double Barrel promotes the big flavors of its Southern-inspired menu, as created by newly-named Executive Chef Michael Vitangeli. The menu offerings include the freshly crafted American classics such as the Crispy Smokey Chicken Wings and Mini Corn Dogs. The Crispy Meatloaf with sweet bacon-laced Ketchup highlights the roadhouse’s primary dishes, alongside house special ties like Not Your Mama’s Chicken Pot Pie and New Orleans Shrimp & Grits. The establishment houses an oversized wood burning grill for dishes such as the slow-cooked Crackling Port Shank and the Cowboy Steak.

For the beverage and cocktail programming, Double Barrel boasts a wide array of cocktails, wines and craft beers reminiscent of the roadhouse culture. It also serves handcrafted and homemade wine coolers presented in Mason jars. Guests have easy access to bottle service, which is readily available at tables throughout the establishment. Signature drinks offered include the Kiwi Collins and the Double Barrel Spiked Iced Tea, which is a fun spin on the traditional Long Island Iced Tea.

For the dessert menu, diners can take advantage of indulgent options like a Pie in a Jar served in a Mason jar, as well as the sugary, marsh mallow- and chocolate-filled graham cracker sandwich Deep Fried S’mores.

Live Music and Entertainment
Being the first outlet to open within the dynamic new plaza at the Monte Carlo front, Double Barrel is aimed at adding spark and energy t o the area. Aside from its bold food and drink menus, the establishment promotes high-energy live music entertainment, along with an interactive staff, to entertain and engage guests the way a typical roadhouse does.

Rianne Hill Soriano
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