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Elon Musk-funded OpenAI threatens spread of convincing fake news at an alarming rate

Media outfits from respected broadsheets to renowned technology websites recently reported a breaking news about the Elon Musk-funded artificial intelligence (AI) software that has the ability to build an authentic-looking fake news story with minimal resource in a matter of seconds. With the current global problem on the spread of disinformation, including those for political propaganda, cultural attacks, and capitalist ventures, this developed AI system called OpenAI threatens to revolutionize the dissemination of convincing fake news stories at an alarming rate. An AI-written news article

Free domain name for life for

I’ve been with my web hosting company for over 2 years and I’ve never been happier. Since I started blogging using my own domain name ( in 2006, I miserably failed in choosing a reliable hosting company. I suffered endless lost blog posts, rebuilding web pages and blog over and over, hacking attempts, out-of-control spam comments, suspended pages for reasons I have no idea of, and not receiving any reasonable customer service help for any of my concerns. Add up the

Things to Do During Emergencies: Metrowide Shake Drill 2015

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Manila, Philippines -- Kudos to everyone involved in conducting the metrowide earthquake drill today. This is a worthwhile initiative by the government, in collaboration with private institutions and the public. Last Tuesday at SanLo, the drill allowed everyone in school to be more aware of what to do (dock, cover, hold; then, run towards safest and nearest possible ground right after the shake) and lessen the possibility of panic, injury, or even death. I hope today's technological breakthroughs can be utilized

COVID-19 Quarantine Diary: 1st Week of Lockdown

Writing has been a significant part of my personal and professional life, but I’ve never been fond of diaries nor posting much of my personal stories online — whether through blogging or social media. Much about me online are work-related. But after trying to cope up and make sense of this pandemic plaguing the entire world and putting a halt to what we know as normal, reading about writing down our experiences in these trying times may actually be something

Finding Social Responsibility and Public Good in Political Economy: A Reflection Paper on the Definition of Political Economy

A reflection on: The definition of political economy based on Vincent Mosco’s book “Political Economy of Communication” A reflection paper for my Political Economy of Media class, submitted Aug. 18, 2019 This reflection paper presents the definition of political economy based on Vincent Mosco’s book “Political Economy of Communication.” According to Mosco, political economy is “the study of the social relations, especially the power relations, that mutually constitute the production, distribution, and consumption of resources.” The way I understand this definition, political economy

A Farewell to Film Critic Alexis Tioseco

When Philippine Cinema Loses a Warrior Doing something that you love is, most of the time, in need of life-changing decisions and sacrifices. Priorities are overhauled. A myriad of issues need to be settled — especially if it entails "geographical commitments" where a "diaspora" or a "semi-diaspora" becomes inevitable. It happens a lot, especially with Filipinos whose families are scattered all over the world: some are immigrants; some have foreign blood and/or with family members and loved ones abroad; some are

The art, science, and business of filmmaking

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Filmmaking has many faces. It has various intentions. It has varying effects. For me, film is a magical medium that has the power to combine the many forms of art, science, and even history together (photography and visual arts, sound and music, culture, literature, dance, martial arts, physics, chemistry, and the list goes on) as it expresses and chronicles bits and pieces of life stories and people’s thoughts, words, and convictions. You laugh, cry, and feel for a character while in

MMFF 2016: The Reelvolution

This Reelvolution is a mover and shaker in Philippine Cinema. Due to the rush of almost going straight to work upon arrival in Manila and until now still finishing the unpacking of a total of seven luggage, plus enjoying the time with the newborn (although currently minimizing physical touch due to my cold virus), I was only able to watch two MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) entries this year. Unfortunately, I had to skip the third one which I already had

When scientists discover what is ultimately wrong with society

I saw this Reddit image through a "Friends Only" post of a Facebook friend of mine and I really think it is worth sharing. The said post seemed to have come from a projected image with the statement of a scientist named Gus Speth. Searching further, he turned out to be James Gustave Speth, an American environmental lawyer and advocate. My two cents: I firmly believe that art, humanities, and social sciences should be in-charge with what these dear scientists couldn’t do.