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Shopping Guide: Best Carts for Our Home and Shopping Needs

I preferred using my own shopping cart pre-pandemic for the purpose of easier hauling around before going to the parking -- but the COVID pandemic ushered in more benefits in my use of my own carts way beyond my expectations. With the need for more protection and minimizing the possibilities of contracting the novel coronavirus as much as we can, one thing is for sure: living means having to still go out to get certain essentials every now and then. This

Learning the truth about drowning and saving lives

About 2 years ago, during an out-of-town shoot, one of our team members almost drowned a few feet away from our swimming colleagues — having fun and all. Her angel was one of our colleagues who just went out of his room to check on the pool — an act he felt doing when he didn’t really intend to swim in the pool then. No one else realized what was happening until she was rescued. It was almost a horror