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(Response Paper) Laura Mulvey: The Women as Element of Spectacle in the Patriarchal Order

This is a response paper to the Laura Mulvey essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” from the journal “Screen” or my Advanced Film Theory and Criticism class.

(Response Paper) Elizabeth Spelman: Centuries of a Woman’s Body as a Gift and as a Curse

This is a response paper to the Elizabeth Spelman essay “Woman as Body: Ancient Contemporary Views” from the journal “Feminist Studies” or my Advanced Film Theory and Criticism class.

Movies for Mother’s Day: Musicals with memorable mom characters

Choosing fun or heartwarming musicals for a Mother’s Day movie marathon or for a movie night to cap off a pleasing family day can make the occasion even more vibrant, touching, and memorable.

Film Forum Invitation: ‘It’s More Fun in the PhiliFILMS’ with screening of ‘Sakaling Di Makarating’

This free event entitled “It’s More Fun in the PhiliFILMS” is open to the public. It kicks off with the screening of Ice Idanan’s critically acclaimed CineFilipino film “Sakaling Hindi Makarating,” followed by a forum on film tourism.

An Epiphany: Philippine cinema’s powerful Pinays + more female presence in film studies, books, and academic endeavors

I couldn’t agree more when someone said that more woman filmmakers should be included in the syllabi of academicians, whether in major subjects of film students or any related media subjects and electives, especially those of mass communication and communication arts students. Academic papers, journals, books, and even blogs and vlogs that are easily accessible by everyone, should be able to find many female names to feature.

‘Ring of Nibelungs’ Film Review: Another ring tale

Benefiting from the success of “LOTR,” this similar tale offers a dose of swords and magic amidst the conflicts of love and greed.