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Guide to making a story for your own silent movie project

Silent movies are regarded as pioneers in cinema history. These classic pieces don't have synchronized dialogue accompanying the visuals. Instead, the speaking lines are shown as muted gestures, pantomime, and text frames. Interestingly, some filmmakers still go back to the historical roots of cinema as they come up with their own silent film projects. They produce such works by following the distinctive elements typically seen in these early motion-picture offerings. Brief History The birth of cinema before the dawn of the

Animated Classics With Charming Dinosaur Characters for Kids

Children are often fascinated by dinosaurs in movies. A number of animated offerings feature charming renditions of these creatures to entertain kids. Classic movies that showcase these prehistoric beasts can be ideal choices for a family movie marathon. There are also those that serve as historical and educational offerings readily available online -- becoming points of comparison on how the earlier days of cinema and animation have evolved through the decades. "Gertie the Dinosaur" (1914) The general interest in dinosaur characters

‘Tango’ Short Film Critique: Overlapping Routines as a Collective Ritual

A short essay for my Film Theory and Criticism Class Filmmaker Zbigniew Rybczyński presents his critically acclaimed 1981 Polish short film “Tango” as a rhythmic play set in a stage that gradually progresses. It begins with a vaguely minimalist room where there are three points of entrance and exit: two doors and a window. These points become the gateways of a plethora of characters that initially starts with easily recognizable parts until each one’s repetitive acts create layer after layer of