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‘Rio 2’ Film Review: Perfectly fine, perfectly forgettable

This follow-up feature directed by Carlos Saldanha has that same mix of colorfully frantic action and sight gags as its predecessor. Predictable as it is, it remains sporadically funny.

Blu-ray Review: ‘Rio’

The ‘Rio’ Blu-ray release features a two-disc set consisting of one Blu-ray disc and DVD, along with a digital download copy.

‘Shrek Forever After’ Movie Review: Happily ogre after?

For its long-time followers, “Shrek Forever After” is passable entertainment. It is for those who have grown with the franchise’s predecessors and not the type that can add any new toddler fans.

‘The Proposal’ Film Review: Entertainingly derivative

“The Proposal” is contrived and predictable, but nonetheless a crowd-pleasing romantic comedy. Although it lacks the creative spark of classic rom coms, it can work as a pleasant time killer offering mindless entertainment and appealing stars.