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My Film ‘Technophilia’ is Film of the Day at Viddsee

“Technophilia,” a film about humans’ dependence on technology, gets featured as “Viddsee Film of the Day” during the Philippines’ Independence Day.

Blu-ray Review: ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

This 2012 romantic dramedy adapted from Matthew Quick’s novel ‘The Silver Linings Playbook’ features a touching tale of loving and letting go.

‘Twilight’ Film Review: That willing teen bite

The swoony supernatural romance and the neo-horror motif of “Twilight” can both amuse and bemuse — depending on the type of viewer. It knows what it is meant for. Either one likes it or hates it. It has a sweetly idealistic charm on its own. It pleases its devoted fans, but does little for the uninitiated.

‘Batanes’ Film Review: Crossing borders

“Batanes” is essentially a heartwarming study of a relationship between two cultures. With the tagline “Love knows no borders,” this flawed but poignant love story explores life and love between different places and cultures. It explores the loss of one’s will to live because of a love lost, as well as the discovery of new love at an unexpected time.

‘Lucky You’ Film Review: A poker life

“Lucky You” is a romantic drama set in the gambling world of Las Vegas where Huck Cheever (Eric Bana) lives his life around the green felt poker tables, while also confronting his personal conflicts including his problematic relationship with his father.

‘The Legend of Zorro’ Film Review: The Dela Vega heroes

“The Legend of Zorro” tones down a bit by fronting the more human issues about family relationships as compared to the visually purist, action-filled premise driving the storyline on such an action genre.

‘Corpse Bride’ Film Review: A charming grave fairy tale

Behind its eerie theme, “Corpse Bride” is fun, genial, expressive, and charming. This semi-musical stop-motion animation celluloid baby is set at death’s door and salutes the liberating power of true love and sacrifice.

‘Nasaan Ka Man’ Film Review: A bittersweet tale

This film explores the tale of tragic love and passion, undying memories, unfulfilled promises, and lost dreams.