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Capsule Film Review: ‘Ang Larawan, The Movie’ (2017)

"Ang Larawan, The Movie" is a film for Filipinos — something to treasure for its artistic and cultural initiative of pioneering the musical film adapted from the work of an acclaimed Filipino literary artist, no less than a National Artist at that. Kudos to all those behind this ambitious cinematic endeavor, as the film, with both its strengths and forgiveable shortcomings, reflects the love and passion of the people who worked on it from start to end. This period piece may not be your usual Hollywood flair full of superhero characters, cool stunts, and uber awesome special effects, but it is worth

Blu-ray Review: ‘Hitchcock’ (2012)

This motion picture combines drama and comedy in attempting to demystify the man behind the legendary horror and suspense opuses.

‘King Kong’ (2005) Film Review: A Beastly adventure

Jackson’s “King Kong” proves to be an enduring part of film history and legacy all over the world. If “LOTR” is a magical classic in complete greatness, “King Kong” is a monstrous adventure flick with mainstream feel.

‘Ring of Nibelungs’ Film Review: Another ring tale

Benefiting from the success of “LOTR,” this similar tale offers a dose of swords and magic amidst the conflicts of love and greed.