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‘Twilight’ Film Review: That willing teen bite

The swoony supernatural romance and the neo-horror motif of “Twilight” can both amuse and bemuse — depending on the type of viewer. It knows what it is meant for. Either one likes it or hates it. It has a sweetly idealistic charm on its own. It pleases its devoted fans, but does little for the uninitiated.

‘King Kong’ (2005) Film Review: A Beastly adventure

Jackson’s “King Kong” proves to be an enduring part of film history and legacy all over the world. If “LOTR” is a magical classic in complete greatness, “King Kong” is a monstrous adventure flick with mainstream feel.

‘War of the Worlds’ Film Review: A movie about family and alien invasion

This film capitalizes on tanks and aircrafts mercilessly incinerated by three-legged, tripod-looking alien machines and extraterrestrial tentacles grabbing humans toward the worst end.