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Pinoy filmmakers shine at Busan International Film Fest ‘09

The film city of Busan, Korea paved way for another successful year for the prestigious Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) from Oct. 8 to 16, 2009. The Philippines, once again, made big waves in this year’s festival. In its 14th year, BIFF has truly evolved to become one of the most important film festivals that filmmakers, film professionals, cinephiles, and the general film audience look forward to every October. For this year, 355 films from 70 countries (a record number) were

How to apply for a film grant

Filmmakers looking for opportunities to fund their films can apply for film grants. Usually, the director, writer, and/or producer pass/es the film project proposal for a grant application. It is typical to apply for more than one grant and just edit the proposal according to the requirements of the funding agency. Some grants may offer cash funds, while others may offer free production services or resources. Funding may come from from arts and culture organizations, non-profit organizations, film schools, production companies, film

Our ‘Bernardo Carpio’ Short Film Project Takes a Step Forward

This project is a jumpstart to that same endeavor that began almost a decade ago, which had to be shelved due to documentary issues in processing and releasing the second tranche of the budget from the funding agency. We knew that there will always be a right time for this, and after proposing to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in the last quarter of 2019, we received the good news by February 2020 that we got

Bernardo Carpio Short Animated Film Call for Character Design

Sharing this from my fellow artists from Tuldok Animation Studios. This is our short film adaptation of the Bernardo Carpio story. We never thought that jumpstarting this animated short would have this personal impact to us involved in the project, given the entire world is currently at a halt. Suddenly, we realized how the lockdown and this story have something in common... The Bernardo Carpio Film Call for Character Design First, we hope you are coping up well in these trying times. As

Major U.S. film grants available to American and international filmmakers

The National Endowment for the Arts and the Global Film Initiative offer U.S.-based film grants regularly open for film project submissions In the United States, many film grants require residency in a specific state or region. Others require a certain ethnicity or membership in the sponsoring institution to become eligible. Some major U.S. grant-giving agencies offer film grants to any eligible American production coming from any part of the country. Some grants are available to international productions as well. American Filmmakers National Endowment

How to raise money to fund an independent film

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Acquiring film production funding is always a competitive endeavor for any filmmaker. Whether for student and amateur filmmakers or even professional and renowned filmmakers, raising money for an independent film production entails hard work and the right connections. Those who are just starting and have no film reels to show or have no samples of professional work to back up their credentials yet may have difficulties looking for the best opportunities. Some end up using their personal money to produce their