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(Response Paper) Finding Legitimacy on Film Criticism and the Value of Film Literacy

This is a response paper to “On Poetics and Practice of Film Criticism in the Philippines – A Roundtable Discussion and Videos” published by the Plaridel Journal for my Advanced Film Theory and Criticism class.

(Response Paper) In Making Sense of This Particular Order: Film Reviewing – Film Criticism – Film Scholarship

Film scholar Joel David presented key issues hounding the arrested development of Pinoy film criticism in this article published by The Manila Review.

(Response Paper) The Conundrum in the Stars: Appeasing the Human Mind with Art and Criticism

This is a response paper to the introduction part of the A.O. Scott book “Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think About Art, Pleasure, Beauty, and Truth” for my Advanced Film Theory and Criticism class.

(Response Paper) Besides Perfection: The Nooks and Cranny of Film Reviewing with Anthony Lane

This is a response paper to the introduction part of the Anthony Lane book “Nobody’s Perfect: Writings from the New Yorker” for my Advanced Film Theory and Criticism class.

Influential Movies in Hollywood Film History: 1990 to 2010

Who can forget such films that influenced eras and generations of film enthusiasts? Even the young filmgoers today would probably know “Star Wars,” “King Kong” and “Jurassic Park.”

Capsule Film Review: ‘Ang Larawan, The Movie’ (2017)

"Ang Larawan, The Movie" is a film for Filipinos — something to treasure for its artistic and cultural initiative of pioneering the musical film adapted from the work of an acclaimed Filipino literary artist, no less than a National Artist at that. Kudos to all those behind this ambitious cinematic endeavor, as the film, with both its strengths and forgiveable shortcomings, reflects the love and passion of the people who worked on it from start to end. This period piece may not be your usual Hollywood flair full of superhero characters, cool stunts, and uber awesome special effects, but it is worth

MMFF 2016: The Reelvolution

May the accomplishment made by the MMFF 2016 continue to influence the Philippines’ future commercial offerings. I believe the Filipino audience is now ready for this #reelvolution.

‘Rio 2’ Film Review: Perfectly fine, perfectly forgettable

This follow-up feature directed by Carlos Saldanha has that same mix of colorfully frantic action and sight gags as its predecessor. Predictable as it is, it remains sporadically funny.

‘Mga Anino ng Kahapon’ Film Review: The power on restraint

This film is a simple but affecting character study of the human mind and emotions. It is a heartfelt tale that examines the world of schizophrenia and its many hideous faces with dignity and restraint.