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Influential Movies in Hollywood Film History: 1990 to 2010

Who can forget such films that influenced eras and generations of film enthusiasts? Even the young filmgoers today would probably know “Star Wars,” “King Kong” and “Jurassic Park.”

The Future of Film through IMAX and Digital Cinemas: A sneak peek at James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ and looking into the current digital cinemas in the Philippines

The realms of CGI and 3D technology on this age of filmmaking are definitely starting to write their own history already. From the initial experimentations to the developing of the medium to the hype of the format, both the filming process and the theatrical playing field prove that the evolution of cinema technology is really revolutionizing our film experiences in various levels.

Philippine Filmmaking Today

As a source of truth, entertainment, and artistic expression in the country, Filipino filmmaking, whether in the commercial or the independent circuit, has developed itself as a locus of national culture and identity – Philippine films have influenced Philippine culture and vice-versa. After a tumultuous time, Filipino filmmakers are now starting to make bigger waves both in the local and international film circuit. The digital revolution has a big contribution to this as a number of them find more opportunities in making digital films today. More and more grant-giving bodies are getting into the picture as well. And as most of