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Hollywood remakes of Asian Films: What makes them work?

There is a thin line separating remakes that work and those that don't. In the case of Asian films remade by Hollywood for quite some time now, there has been a varying mix of masterpieces, mediocre stuff, and dismaying flops. As Hollywood looks for new flavors and fresh concepts overseas, Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan have been some of the most popular sources for foreign films getting a Hollywood treatment. According to Korean-American producer Roy Lee of the Los Angeles company

The evolving demand for online film content

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For the last three decades, the Internet has clearly become a crucial part of modern life. The convergence of the different communication platforms including the Internet, telephone, mobile phone, television, and film is clearly the way to go. Just like how music content has greatly evolved in the online medium for decades now, film content meant for the online market has provided such a promising opportunity for film professionals and Internet users alike. With the Philippines being a hotspot for techies,

Filmmaking: Using the 35mm Format in Film Production

For the longest time, 35mm was the standard format used for motion-picture production worldwide. 35mm film is the basic film gauge most commonly used for motion picture production and exhibition. Interestingly, this film stock has considerably remained unchanged since its introduction more than a century ago. While other film gauges such as the 8mm, 16mm, and 70mm became widely available during different time frames of motion picture history, 35mm film has truly passed the test of time of being the standard format

Marketing as a Vital Part of Film Production

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You don't shell out thousands and even millions of dollars just to let the film bury itself inside the can. Whether you intend the film to be watched for commercial purposes or you want it to be merely seen and touch lives of people for non-commercial film screenings, festivals and other related artistic endeavors, you need to let the people know that there is something to watch out for. Creativity and networking are the keys to effective marketing. From PR materials to

Multiplexes and malling

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The independent film theaters of the past exuded a certain mood and subculture of its own for its audience -- in the perspective of arts, culture, and cinema. However, the plight of these theaters proved that changes were truly inevitable. It’s a matter of coping up with the modernity of the fast-paced world. In line with this, the rising number of multiplexes started to imbibe itself in Philippine entertainment culture. The multiplexes have been around for more than three decades already. People