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‘Shrek Forever After’ Movie Review: Happily ogre after?

For its long-time followers, “Shrek Forever After” is passable entertainment. It is for those who have grown with the franchise’s predecessors and not the type that can add any new toddler fans.

‘Shrek the Third’ Film Review: The slapstick third

The Shrek franchise comes up with its third installment quite inferior to the first two. Shrek the Third tries to do its best to bring out some laugh-inducing slapstick from the can. At least, it has the very humor that Shrek fans have come to expect.

‘Brothers Grimm’ Film Review: A grim for Brothers Grimm

“Brothers Grimm” is shallow, bland, and disappointing. There are a few sparks of promise, but the muddled plot messes up its supposed intensity.