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Career and Parenting: Finding focus, love, and fulfillment

This is worth reading whether you are young or not so young.

I read this post in social media:

This is an excerpt from the said post:

4. Deprioritise your career when your kids are young

If you have skills, commitment and passion, careers tend to take care of themselves. Over the long haul, it really doesn’t matter if you have a few years when your career is in canter mode while you prioritise young children. This should apply to men and women. I was watching some video of my kids when they were little last week and I realised, again, that the little people in that video don’t exist in that form anymore. They have grown into pride-worthy adults but the tiny people with wonder in their eyes were just passing through. If you miss that time meeting deadlines and finishing reports, you never get it back. Childhood is fleeting. When it is in its formative stages, you get one chance.

I definitely agree. While I didn’t have to take my career into a complete stop, I am certainly not anymore my usual sleepless production “curacha” self who would probably stay at home for a few hours for an entire week just to take short naps. I also did my film review hiatus that never happened between 2005 to early 2016 (minimum 1 film a week for more than a decade). But i would never regret doing these now. I am so happy spending quality time with my beloved cutie pie. Besides, these things can wait for me in the future. At some point, cutie pie will grow and do her own thing, go to school, spend more time with friends… (but like many parents say, please don’t grow up too fast…).

Rianne Hill Soriano
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