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2010 list of best hotel pools in Las Vegas

In a supposed desert, the best tropical pools abound.

Las Vegas pools showcase incredible tropical amenities in the many fabulous resorts around the city. They attract visitors coming to Vegas all year round. The best pools here feature inventive expanses of sandy beaches, pounding waterfalls and bubbly hot tubs, along with lush foliage and well-groomed trees. These are all fancily created for a splashing escape from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city. And for those willing to further indulge in luxury can splurge their ways through VIP uses of cabanas, jacuzzis and other special benefits.

Grand Pool Complex at the MGM Grand

Aptly located at the biggest hotel in the U.S., the Grand Pool Complex of the MGM Grand has one of the most elegant swimming and sunbathing experience in the world. It offers a tropical landscape with five shimmering swimming pools, three relaxing whirlpools, a tropical river and glamorous waterfalls. It offers an island getaway type of complex filled with lush greenery, bridges and fountains. It also features cozy cabanas, patios, TVs, mini refrigerators and complimentary pairs of tubes or rafts.

The Monte Carlo Beach Club

The Monte Carlo Beach Club at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino showcases varying water experiences including cascading falls, Lagoon Pool with handicap chair lift for people with special needs, 400 ft. of Easy River Ride through a lazy river speeding up to 4 miles per hour, Kiddie Pool in a fun enclosed area with child-sized beach chairs and the most popular Wave Pool which is the very first in Vegas when it opened in 1996. There is a tropical foliage around the area and there are cabanas for those who want the solitude of owning exclusive spots that abound with luxury services including teak lounge chairs and private attendants.

The Mirage Pool

The Mirage Pool offers two pools with two palm tree-lined islands and series of wandering, interconnected lagoons. Within an atrium that looks like a tropical rainforest, there are lush greens, cascading waterfalls and exotic birds accompanying the huge pool area. Its gorgeous landscaping is ideal for sunbathing or a leisurely swim. There are complimentary towels and lounge chairs for guests, along with complimentary life jackets for children. There are pool rafts available for rent. And there are secluded hot tubs and cabanas with each one being equipped with its own entertainment system, fridge, safe, misting machine, food and beverage, rafts and private patio. This tropical paradise within the Mirage Hotel and Casino premises is also handicap accessible.

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