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What Las Vegas homeowners need to know about installing solar panels in their homes

A home solar electric system may seem a bit daunting for many homeowners due to its upfront cost, but the tax incentives and long-term power savings it offers more than offsets the investment after a fair amount of time. In the larger scheme of things, the decrease in a household's carbon footprint becomes a significant contribution to help the planet's problem with climate change. An Ideal City for Solar Panels Since the Las Vegas weather allows residents to enjoy sunlight at an average of 300 days per year, the solar panels' photovoltaic (PV) cells, the special batteries that harness sunlight and transform it into

Spa indulgence at Sahra Spa and Hammam Las Vegas

Sahra Spa and Hammam, the 43,000-square-foot tranquil oasis at The Cosmopolitan, exudes a certain form of oneness with Las Vegas' natural beauty. This premier Turkish-style spa destination draws inspiration from the elements of the region's surrounding canyons and desert lands. Mood and Atmosphere From the reception area, a long earthy entryway filled with 420 tons of sandstone lining mimics the beauty of the Red Rock Canyon in a small indoor scale. Glimpses of silver around the sophisticated facility showcases the naturally occurring precious metal and mineral deposits Nevada is known for. The sound of bubbling water running through artesian wells echo a

Guide for Tourists: Popular gift ideas for Filipinos

Filipinos are known for their hospitality and appreciation when receiving gifts, tokens, and freebies. When coming from abroad, or even when traveling from a local place outside a person's residence, it is customary to bring souvenir items when meeting friends and relatives (traditionally called "pasalubong" in Filipino) in the Philippines. Even new acquaintances can get that much-loved “pasalubong” as well. This guide is primarily for foreigners intending to buy gifts for Filipinos. When looking for popular gift ideas, these don't necessarily have to be grand or expensive, as even a simple keychain or any small souvenir can make Filipinos feel happy and remembered.

How to use the JVC GR-SV3 camcorder

In the early 90's came the first prototypes of LCD screens for video cameras. One of JVC's pioneer offers, the JVC GR-SV3 Infocam Camcorder, was released during that time. Back those days of the Viewcam bandwagon, the market for cameras like the JVC GR-SV3 was quite comparable to the inkling for the latest consumer HD cameras of the 2000's. But this doesn't mean that the "in" gizmo then which is the "outdated" gadget now is of no good use anymore. So, for those curious ones who want to start using old camera models again such as the SV3, there is still a very

How to Convert VHS Tapes to DVD?

Old VHS tape collections don't have to be buried in the stockroom. You can still save your VHS collections by converting them to DVDs. To keep up with the times, you can make digital copies to suit your DVD player at home. You may prefer to send your tapes to video stores offering services for VHS to DVD conversions. Yet, if you have access to an operational VHS player, the basic analog to digital cables and a video capture device (some computers are readily equipped with this already while some still need an external device to be connected to the computer),

Popular Flight Schools in the Philippines (2009)

Compared to many countries in the western hemisphere, the Philippines generally offers low cost of living, high literacy rate, and quality education, as determined by the success of Filipino professionals in the country and all over the world. Its human resource export in various professions and fields of expertise is one of the highest in the world. Most of these professionals finished their education in Philippine learning institutions. The country’s low cost of living makes it an advantage for international students to get quality education in the Philippines at the fraction of the cost in most schools in other countries. This