(Response Paper) The Conundrum in the Stars: Appeasing the Human Mind with Art and Criticism

In response to: The introduction of the book “Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think About Art, Pleasure, Beauty, and Truth” by A. O. Scott A

(Response Paper) Besides Perfection: The Nooks and Cranny of Film Reviewing with Anthony Lane

In response to: “What is Criticism? (A Preliminary Dialogue)” and “The Critic as Artist and Vice Versa” in the book “Nobody’s Perfect: Writings from the


When scientists discover what is ultimately wrong with society

I saw this Reddit image through a "Friends Only" post of a Facebook friend of mine and I really think it is worth sharing. The

A Post-May 2019 Philippine Elections musing

After the Philippines' May 2019 Elections, this is a wake-up call. Education, popular art, and media arts. Plus advocacy projects to educate masses on who to